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True: | troo | adjective (truer, truest) [attributive] rightly or strictly so called; genuine: people are still willing to pay for true craftsmanship
Courtier: | ˈkôrdēər, ˈkôrCHər | noun a person who attends a royal court as a companion or adviser to the king or queen.

Throughout the ages of time, the greatest men and women, kings, queens, nobles and people of worth and wealth, have had the best advisors guiding them towards the best decisions to be made.

Our Aim is to Serve The Luxurious; To Bring Our Customers The Best, Most Unique Items of Fine Quality, at Prices That Are Truly Bargains. Once You are served by True Courtier, You will not find satisfactory service anywhere else.

Let Us do the shopping for you. With Fashion Forward Ideals in mind, All Items for Sale will stand the test of time in durability and style. We scour the earth for items worth having, and will personally guide you to be suited at your best, at all times.

We at True Courtier are Today’s advisors of fashion, gifts, gadgets and luxury items, made available for the everyday man and woman, as well as those of power, wealth and influence. Picture us at True Courtier, Your personal advisors, to the latest and greatest of items from across the globe, that will keep you standing out from the crowd and surrounded by conversation pieces and gadgets that get things done.

All of our products are hand selected for uniqueness and quality tested for longevity, from designers and manufacturers across the globe. Our selection is sure to spark your individuality and personal taste and style. No off-the-rack options that you can find just anywhere. Everyone will surely ask you “Where did you get that?” And most likely, you will want to keep it a secret. 😏

Call upon us anytime for service, questions, and requests for specific types of items. Our catalog updates weekly, and expands beyond mere trinkets and clothing. Soon, you will sit in the lap of luxury, while keeping your coffers full. Get used to the green eyes, because everyone around you will be filled with envy.
Rule the land in style. - True Courtier